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What are Metabulul?

It’s a collection of 2991 demigods that lives in the Polygon blockchain. 

Metabulul draws from Philippine mythology for inspiration. This character houses the spirit of an actual god. Its powers blur the boundaries between the real world and metaverse. This god created some of the most beautiful objects such as fine jewelry and refined weapons loaded with colorful paints.

Grow Your NFT Art Collection With Metabulul!

The Specs​

Each Metabulul is unique and is generated from over 700+ possible traits and features. All demigods are awesome in their own design, but some are rarer and epic than others. 

We are using the token standard ERC-1155 and housed on the Polygon block-chain. Each Metabulul avatars cost 0.015 ETH

Road Map

We've broken down our goals into phases